Dr Lauren Gerber, through her books and private practice, has worked together with individuals, children, and families for over 25 years.  With a Doctorate in Psychology, coupled with a Masters in Education, she has provided a foundation of therapeutic work utilizing exceptional tools from both eastern and western philosophies and practices.  Tattwa is the result of these combined Eastern and Western practices, artfully blended together.

Tattwa is a daily discipline which implements core fundamentals of health and well-being . The daily practice of Tattwa contributes to a life enriched with contentment, physical and emotional health, tranquility, spirituality, and an unwavering center of empowerment.  Our empathetic and understanding Tattwa team members will support your practice towards this outcome through the implementation of Telehealth, meditation, nutrition programs, daily experiences, weekend retreats, and numerous customized self-healing, as well as self-defense therapeutic work.

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Meditation and Retreats


Guided meditations, retreats, and therapies are all offered and supported via a confidential Telehealth platform. There are some in-person retreats offered with safety guidelines in place for Covid-19.

Supplemental inspirational items are available for purchase in the Tattwa Store. Beautiful gemstone beaded necklaces, chains, and inspirational bracelets, candles, journals, and other wellness offerings are available online.

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Telehealth Private Practice


After years of private practice in traditional settings from an office, to a hospital or school environment; due to the COVID 19 Pandemic in order to meet the global, changing world and best practices guidelines, Dr. Gerber is now practicing only Telehealth.

Dr. Lauren Gerber has a confidential, HIPAA compliant-Telehealth portal ready to allow any individual the ability to schedule his or her own Telehealth therapy sessions. This freedom has inspired many patients to connect therapeutically.

Overall, clients have engaged in more consistent therapy as a result of being able to schedule sessions from their homes, eliminating travel times to and from the office and enabling more synchrony with their other obligations in life.

Many adults, and parents of minor patients have scheduled their adult therapy, parenting consultations, and other supportive sessions during the day-time hours while their children are participating in remote learning/online school or after their young children go to sleep for the night.

During the mandatory Covid-19 stay-at-home orders,  every family member started to immediately try to incorporate computer technology into their daily lives. While this may have stressed the internet providers, it was stress relieving to patients seeking assistance.

With Telehealth, brand new possibilities for therapy have evolved. The old way of driving into the office may be a thing of the past. Telehealth offers more freedom of time planning, as a parent can have one child online at home with a doctor or therapist, while another child in the same home is online having a musical instrument lesson. Telehelath has virtually eliminated the conflict of driving the various family members in different directions for conflicting appointments which all previously competed for the same after school timeslots and only one driver to bring the children to their respective appointments.

Telehealth is preferred in many cases over the more traditional in person therapy sessions in the office, in part due to its’ flexibility, confidentiality, and ease of use.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Lauren Gerber for a free 15 minute mini-session to discuss the Telehealth therapy possibilities for you and your family.