Dr Lauren Gerber’s thriving personal practice has assisted individuals, children and families for 25 years.  With a Doctorate in Psychology coupled with a Masters in Education she has provided a foundation of therapeutic work utilizing exceptional tools from both eastern and western philosophies and practices.  Tattwa is the result of the Eastern and Western practices artfully blended together.

Tattwa is a daily discipline, or act of habit, which implements core fundamentals of health and well-being which contribute to a life enriched with contentment, physical and emotional health, tranquility, spirituality, and an unwavering center of empowerment.  Our empathetic and understanding team will support your practice towards this outcome through the implementation of telehealth, meditation, nutrition programs, daily experiences, weekend retreats, and numerous customized self-healing as well as self-defense therapeutic work.

Mediation –


Guided meditations and therapies supported via telehealth and in person are offered.  Supplemental inspirational items in the Tattwa Store, include beaded necklaces, chains and bracelets, candles, journals and other wellness offerings available online and in person.

Retreats –


Experiences ranging from an afternoon, scheduled retreats, or a weekend individual and group offerings.

Telehealth Description –


Years of private practice in a traditional setting (office, hospital and school) have evolved due to COVID 19 Pandemic to meet the global, changing world and best practices guidelines.

Dr. Lauren Gerber has a confidential, HIPAA compliant telehealth portal ready to allow an individual to schedule his or her telehealth sessions. Many clients have engaged in more consistent therapy as a result of being able to schedule sessions from their homes eliminating travel time to and from an office and enabling synchrony with their current lives. For example, many parents schedule adult parenting and supportive sessions during the day while their children are participating in remote school from home virtually using computer technology.