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How should I choose a psychologist?
This is an important question. It is integral that the psychologist you choose is a good fit with you. An initial telephone consultation may help you determine if the person is someone you would be comfortable talking with and seems to be understanding of your unique personal situation and needs.

Do you offer telephone consultations and Telehealth appointments?
Yes to both

Telephone Consultations
I encourage all new patients to talk with me on the telephone initially for a free 15 minute consultation conversation. Hearing each other’s voice on the telephone may help one to determine if Telehealth therapy, and me, as a psychologist, are a good fit for you. Everyone’s needs and goals are different. This cost-free telephone mini-session is designed to address some of your initial questions about the therapy process. You may have questions about my personal background or how the process of Telehealth works.

Telehealth Appointments
Telehealth therapy utilizes technology (your computer, tablet, and/or smartphone) to virtually connect you with me. Starting in 2020, due to Covid-19, many professionals, including myself, have switched to a virtual practice in order to accommodate the safety concerns of meeting in-person during a global pandemic. The same therapy work is accomplished via a secure, technology portal. My Telehealth portal is HIPAA compliant and acts as my electronic waiting room and office. As a patient, you will receive a link electronically. It is that easy.

If you choose to have me as your psychologist, we will design a schedule for telehealth sessions that fits your needs. I will respectfully journey through the challenges in your life with you with the goal of helping to facilitate your path forward to a better daily health and wellness lifestyle.

How quickly can I be seen?
I return calls as soon as possible throughout the day and evening. I can usually fit a new patient consultation into my calendar within 24-48 hours of your initial email or telephone contact.

I strive to be available to individuals and families during their times of need as well as for regularly scheduled therapy sessions. I offer telehealth appointments during the day, and evenings 6 days a week. There are only emergency appointments on Sundays.

We will work together to set up a schedule for sessions that fits our schedules to address your goals.

How long are sessions?
Telehealth sessions are 45-minutes long, which is often referred to as a clinical hour. Longer sessions may be arranged as needed.

Does insurance cover the cost of therapy sessions?
I am out of network for all insurance carriers.
Upon request, I will provide you with a superbill “electronic receipt” with the specific Telehealth service codes, as well as diagnostic codes for your records.  If you choose, you may submit these superbills to your own insurance carrier for potential reimbursement. Every insurance plan is different and every carrier has different reimbursement rates for therapy. Please contact you carrier for more information about your specific insurance plan.

How Do I pay for therapy?
Payment is made at the time services are rendered. This is usually made via credit card or other payment APP.

What do patients need in order to participate in Telehealth?
In order to participate in Telehealth all individuals must complete a consent form for the virtual platform. This is accomplished electronically and automatically when the patient schedules their Telehealth appointment.

Dr. Lauren Gerber will also request the physical location where the patient will be joining the session in case of an emergency. Additionally, she will ask for a telephone number for the records listed as an emergency contact should the unexpected need arise during a Telehealth session.

What technology does the patient need for Telehealth?
An Internet connection

An active email address and/or cellular device. Virtual invites/links may be Emailed and/or texted to you.

An active telephone number. As mentioned above, this telephone number may be used to send invites and links for Telehealth sessions; but is additionally also listed as the way to reach you for regular, as well as urgent needs.

Use of a Computer, tablet or cellphone, in a confidential and private location conducive to therapy with audio and video capabilities.

A headset with mic, may be helpful to some individuals, but it is not required.