Family Therapy

Family therapy is offered to individuals living together and working towards stronger relationships. Any number of family members may join in a session to work on family dynamics, thus assisting an individual in therapy with his/her specific goals.

  • Telehealth Therapy Sessions for the Family
  • Day, evening, and week-end appointments available
  • Individualized goals based on individual needs
  • Brief and long-term therapy available
  • Family System approach utilized
  • Each family member, separately, as well as in combination with others, may participate in sessions
  • Family is defined on a case-by-case basis. Family may include persons living together or separately

I work with everyday families who seek out my professional help to respectfully and knowledgeably guide them in their journeys through family life together. During these unexpected times, many families, who may never have sought out therapy, are finding themselves, at times, overwhelmed with the concomitant stressors of a Pandemic.  When a family member reaches out individually to seek therapy; it is not unusual for the assistance requested to impact the entire family system. Building strong communication and finding balance in their lives during these unplanned circumstances of a Pandemic, is a good time to begin family therapy. The challenges of home virtual work and online school, as well as fears of illness, family members who are sick, and the loss of loved ones, are all topics which can be worked on in family Telehealth.